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While the original social media operator is possibly competing for the number one spot to become mysterio (comic book villain in Spiderman). Most of the users who have been used for this global information clearing house scheme are possibly looking for meaningful sincere alternatives.

Virtual Reality Headset Demonstration

Movie adaptation of The Amazing Spiderman and Mysterio Comic book

Sometimes reality imitates art but anyway. where is this going?

Ahh, yes. Suppose you wanted to have a personal online social media location for you and a group of your colleagues, associates, and friends? Maybe you are willing to host social media application yourself and also open to the idea of using a pay for service.

To have the space affordable in the beginning you decide to seek only basic functionality. Basic functionality allowing you and friends to each have a profile page with posts for displaying images and text. Just as any social media space you want an authentication page.

You start searching online and find following options:

  • "Create your own custom social network"

    "Everything you need to launch, customize and maintain your own social network."

  • "Social network Web App"

    "full featured social network platform developed using laravel framework.."

  • "..create your own custom mobile and web social network today.."

  • Various plugins for Wordpress Content Management System allowing Website admin to add social features.

During your search you also find guidelines by health and human services on operating your social media space. ( link

Deciding on the application to fork or get license for is only the beginning. Each application has a perpetual maintenance association. License for most software usually require upgrades and this can be determined by looking at the change log history. Change log history will alert you of expected cost of version upgrades.

You also have to host your social media application at a reputable hosting service provider. You would need to know estimated initial storage size, geographical region accessibility, system ram allocation, cpu/gpu requirement. There are also software specific requirements since software, even written in the same language may not run in the same environment. All minimum requirements are usually provided by software publishers. Where you initially decide to host can create technical complications in the life cycle of your social space.

Do remember, as more users join your newly minted social media space, your administrative and technical obligations also increase.

One major benefit to all this hard work is you and your friends existing social media profile can just be a directory listing.


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