Windows PCs CPU spiking and tablet system sticky touch


Your system's fan is constantly running and your tablet possibly has sticky touch issues. When checking performance in task manager the CPU performance line graph flattening at a percentage point.

The solution is to make a simple regedit modification to reveal the advanced CPU perforance setting options. Although if your aren't familar with regedit. You probably want to print this blog page and take the system to your nearest local computer store.

Just as with mismanagement of permissions on MacOS Library folder, you can damage the functionality of your system by missconfiguring options in RegEdit on a Windows system.

Steps for RegEdit changes to reveal advance power management control options

RegEdit is only accessible for Administrator accounts. If you don't have administrative privelages on your system, simply use the share icons on this blog to get further assistance.

You have to reboot your system after making the changes.

Advance power management options after making RegEdit changes

Most recent major Windows releases have made Windows desktop interface more suitable for touch devices. This has resulted in having most of the advance point and click options hidden behind the touch interface. They are still available as clickable links.

With major Operating system releases, instead of just updating from previous version, sometimes it's best to backup your data and do a fresh install of the latest OS. This way you isolate issues to the most recent version and this will make your system a fresh stable workspace.

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