Stress of gig hopping apps


Once there is a app for that with multitude of administrative clerks and lawyers. Every homosapien can now be made into a sap. To achieve productivity with gig hopping requires extraordinary diligence, exceptional attention, and after your long day of disorienting work, the app producer possibly presumes you are a robot going to rest in a utility closet size home.

Doing a gig such as driving individuals from place to place may seem simple but it's not. Specially since there was a taxi driver profession setting a precedence prior to the gig hopping app.

Taxi driving has set a precedence for a similar gig hopping service

Even if you drive yourself day to day doesn't prepare you to drive everyone else. For every pickup and drop off would require your mind to format neurological patterns. After each days work those patterns will situate themselves in your mind and hopefully if you do sleep, not just any sleep, you would require what's known as rem sleep (random eye movement). During REM sleep the excess pathways will be garbage collected and other meaningful ones formulized and situated.

Taxi drivers develop a strong hippocampus region of their brain

Imagine this gig of driving passengers was a task you were programming. Let's break this down from a programmable progressive enhancement perspective. Imagine the complex task of driving is one stage supported by certain skill set and can be diagrammed following way:

Driving diagram

Skill sets supporting such a stage would be requirements to complete the objective. In this case objective is simply driving. Here are the basic rudimentary skills for simply driving:

Rudimentary driving skill set

In this scenario you are simply thinking in terms of progressive enhancement. Collision avoidance and following the rules of the road will mostly be low coding once you have progressed through the rudimentary issues.

Remember when you were learning to drive? As you became confident behind the wheel it became difficult to be attentive. While cruising your attention easily diverted. Switching through radio channels, finding the track on the audio cd, mobile phone's Bluetooth audio player to play the right song, answering the phone, or simply carrying a conversation with passengers in the vehicle.

Suppose you decide to not only drive but to provide deliveries. Let's add another stage to our diagram. Delivery will require the following rudimentary skills.

Rudimentary delivery driving skill set

Here is the delivery diagram that would go on top of the existing driving diagram.

Possible delivery driving diagram

Suppose you drive to a single order pick up location and delivery items were loaded on to your vehicle. Also let's say a list of correlating destinations to each loaded item was provided. Although there are gigs requiring multiple order pickup locations and delivery destinations. Let's keep the example as basic as possible.

Remember this is delivery without the driver getting out of the vehicle to drop off the items. That would be another excessively complex stage. Also payment collection upon delivery would be another stage.

There are "fifteen minutes of fame" individuals who achieve exceptional results with driving and delivery. Remember "outstanding outliers do not represent averages".

Exceptional defence department trained gig hopper

Exceptional gig hopper

If you insist on automating your driving. You can take your SUV to a local engineer mechanic who would lift up the vehicle and install a part allowing a computer software to control the acceleration, breaking, and turning. You would mostly have success having such a vehicle drive in rural areas.

Autonomous rural driving

Unfortunately even in our times an autonomous vehicle driving in urban areas would still require their own designated lane on the road. Also bouncing excessive amounts of LIDAR lasers could be discomforting and annoying for pedestrians. Due to even drops of water having a affect over time.

Autonomous Algorithm aided visual perception

  • Here are possible steps to mitigate the unusual responsibility placed upon you by a gig hopping app?

  • Focus on a particular geographical region and initially limit yourself to a certain mile radius.
  • Drive a vehicle without a lot of moving parts e.g. electric vehicle.
  • Drive a vehicle best suited for the task. For deliveries, you might chose a vehicle with similar form factor as Ford Transit connect. There is a ev model possibly being released 2021.
  • Rent a vehicle
  • Think as a assembly worker. If you are a methodical driver than find a associate who can ride along with you to navigate.
  • Purchase a separate mobile device and have the device dedicated for the particular gig hopping work.
  • Seek consistency, try a gig hopping app for two weeks or a month and gauge the consistency of work along with revenue.
  • Practice all the major functions of your mobile device's maps or navigation app. Configuring navigation points should be natural for you.
  • Use a generic Android device or at least a device with a standard default Android OS installation. Avoid devices with customized Android OS. Purchase a older iOS with latest operating system. Remember to keep the device only for the specific gig hopping service and nothing else.
  • Remember gig hopping causes a lot of neurological stress and would cause you to reach for stress food. Have a discussion with your local vitamin shop associate, a qualified nutritionist, or simply take a non credited physical education course at your local community college.

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