My Android Auto app isn’t working


How brilliant for simply owning a android phone you have a digital swis army nife of a situation. You have a built in GPS on the Android Operating system and your phone can be plugged into supporting vehicles dashboard with a usb cable. You upgrade your Android OS mobile phone and your Android Auto experience comes to a halt.

Confusion begins when trying to use Android Auto. Maybe the firmware is outdated or Android Auto no longer supported. Then you visit android website and for your make and model and see that it is supported. Then why wouldn't it work?

Search and Visit Android Auto Website

Then you look through the compatibility list.

Browsing through Android Auto to see supported vehicles.

You Google online and you come across all sorts of clumsy operations such as individuals manually installing apps to the dashboard. Does the dashboard need to be in developer mode?

Why enable to developer mode?

After various searches online you visit A common thought bubble, "maybe it's outdated, and I must down grade to install those apps".

No where in the official instructions does it suggest that you are required to purchase the official USB data cable from the manufacturer to activate the Android Auto experience:

Wait a minute. My mobile phone upgrade doesn't come with a usb-c to usb-a cable. So you backtrack trying to do all the foolishness with your Android Auto dashboard beginning with setting it to development mode. So you visit the Google store accessories sections.

So you visit Google Store online and browse through the accessories section. I never knew there was a ethernet adapter for Google tv, anyway let's see where the official usb-a to usb-c cable is to be found.

You have to search to find the store first.

Search online for the official Google Store.

Now browse through the accessories.

Locating the USB-C to USB-A cable on Google Store

Using the manufacturer supplied USB cable will activate Android Auto with your vehicle's dashboard and your Android phone. Maybe there is a security reason why the official data cable is required. Once you configure Android Auto with the official usb cable you can continue using your generic USB cables.


"Official Setup Android Auto" (

It's not mentioned that the original USB cable from manufacturer is required to activate Android Auto.
Z Data Tech Last modified: May 10, 2023