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Missing computer appliances


You turn on your computer ready to complete your task at hand. Instead you are starting to look for documentation on the latest update. The network print spool is possibly infected with malware. You scramble to find a cable to directly connect to your printer. Now you realize your Wifi router requires a network reboot due to a recent automated update. Or worse, your router is so outdated you are required to order a replacement. In the process of looking into a new Wifi router you realize your cable modem isn’t the latest DOCSIS x.x. Your cable modem not being the latest DOCSIS was the reason why your internet service wasn’t providing optimal speed.

First step for a rotisserie Appliance

After you settle the technicality outside of your computing device you now have operating system maintenance. Depending on the type of work you are doing. Is there a security issue with the type manager from Adobe and is now a network receiver for malware transmission? Does the PDF writer and reader requires a update and is still a security threat? Are the sound levels the same, display brightness, did you update the software you need to use? Did you perform the backup prior and after doing the previous update? Did you purchase this device from ebay with a broken operating system license? Are you on a quarterly operating system update or a annual update?

Second step for a rotisserie Appliance

Due to cloud computing your desktop can be virtually accessible from any display for all things computing. You can pass on the maintenance to the many oompa loompas at a near by data center or a corporate campus.

Third step for a rotisserie Appliance

Originally a computing device was thought of as an appliance. The original computing based on a appliance based thought process still holds true. When you install multiple types of software on a single system for multiple purposes your system begins to require more maintenance. Although when you use a computer system for single purpose your system becomes remarkably stable.

Last step for a rotisserie Appliance

When you are programming for the web or anything else same philosophy of being purposeful holds true. The increase in usage of third party libraries increases the risks and liability for your code base. After some time it becomes harder and harder to decouple the various parts from your core code. This is why there is often insistence on wiping everything and starting fresh.

Simple process of a rotisserie Appliance

Let’s not forget the wisdom of Linux. A Unix derivative operating system patched together with multiple single purpose singleton applications. Since Linux is used for embedded systems, there is a necessity for production Linux systems to be a functioning dependable appliance.

Most recently due to the practicality and popularity of the web, a Linux operating system was slimmed down to be a web browser – Chromebook. Chromebook devices have brought a return back to the crazy wild days of mainframe computing. Except now there is a point and click interface. With a Chromebook you now have the option of having your windows desktop hosted by a private cloud operator or many of the popular cloud hosting services.

There still remains a gap for many types of low cost computing appliances. Just as in the past there was a market for a all-in-one low cost word processor computer and toaster video editing appliance.

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