Installing Go Lang

On a search to find a single software to communicate between cloud API storage solutions. I came across rClone and was Amazed rClone is produced using Go Lang. Here are two short videos on how easy it is to install on windows.

Installation on Windows

Installation can be easily done in a min or two

  1. First find out if system is 64bit
  2. Visit (This seems to be a top secret link on golang website..took a few minutes to find)
  3. Add path to Go bin folder to System Path.
  4. Add Go src folder as a system variable GOPATH on windows

Installing and running a Go Lang binary

To Install and run rClone or another binary in Go Lang

  1. Download .exe binary
  2. Drag and drop to Go Bin folder
You can keep up with rClone developments by visiting also repo on Github rClone on Github
Z Data Tech Last modified: January 30, 2023