How to setup Cordova Android Development Environment in Windows 7


Download Android SDK ADT Bundle

  1. android-sdk-adt-bundle Please use new Android Studio. More info here.. Downlaod(
  2. adt-sdk-in-windows-documentsUnzip and place in a location you like to work from. You can place the unzipped inside "documents" under your windows user. Yup need apache ant also. That's coming up.

Download and Install Java JDK to get eclipse ADT Working

  1. java-jdk-downloadDownload From this page (
  2. Download-32-or-64bit-java-jdkAccept license and download 64 or 32bit depending on your system type in windows control panel -> system

Download and Install Node JS

  1. Check Control Panel -> System to see if you're system type is 32 or 64
  2. Install node js ( Download installer since it will create system paths. If your system is 64 download 64bit installer
  3. Test if it's installed properly. Click windows icon and type "cmd" and right click cmd.exe and run as administrator. npm-installed-checkType npm and press return. If you see similar to above. npm is installed.

Download and place Apache Ant folder next to eclipse and SDK folder

  1. apache-ant-downloadDownload from here ( This is used to compile and prepare android project folder for testing on Android device.
  2. Unzip and place the folder in same location as sdk and eclipse folder

Build System Paths

  1. adding-variable-and-system-path-in-windowsVisit control panel in windows and click system. on top left click "Advanced system settings". A system properties window will open. Click "Environment Variables" and Environment Variable window will open.
  2. In Environment Variable Window the PATH variable is created when npm is installed using installer download.  Click on PATHS line and press edit and add full location to android sdk tools folder and platform-tools folder. My PATH value (Each full path is separated by semicolon):
  3. Also add JAVA_HOME variable and edit value to have full location to jdk folder.

All Set to Install Cordova and start coding

Install Cordove project templates and command line interface.

npm install cordova

Now you can follow Cordova documentation and do all the cool things. Here is the documentation (

Z Data Tech Last modified: January 30, 2023