Fruition of OnDemand Television


While mainstream media was stirring geopolitical psychodrama and vilification for the viewing outpatients. A group of market participants exchanged ideas, designed products, services, around the concept of providing consumable, and accessible online OnDemand media.

End result of having OnDemand Television has liberated everyone from the spoon feeding, deception, and manipulation from the orthodox popularized narrative. No longer broadcast news viewers are forced to consume hurriedly patched together media with stock media serving the story line imported from a digital asset management server. With a simple search you can be briefed directly from the source.

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Now anyone can record a video, stream it live or upload their media on their own web platform or the platform of their choice. Viewers only access this media based on their contextual perception and understanding through entering simple search terms. With a simple search term a person can find alternative views on any subject.

Benefits of OnDemand media far exceed the dopamine rush experienced through the popular social media platforms. Typing a term and picking from a assorted list of multiple videos is refreshing compared to scrolling through endless selfies and textual conversation appropriate while standing around a metal garbage can in flames. Searching for and Consuming OnDemand video content is Self affirmation on steroids.

Ease of video editing by using tools such as TechSmith's Camtasia Studio, allows educated informed individuals to speculate on our collective insanity.

In the development of OnDemand media through internet protocol there was standardization of web video and codecs e.g. software used to make video data consumable while being delivered using a internet protocol.

While transmitting video over wireless broadband and even a wireless local area network, every technician and user experienced latency, buffering, and progressive download over HTTP

What a delight of having realized a old standard definition professional cameras using a 16 by 9 aspect ratio is sufficient for OnDemand media. There by saving your client from a financial burden. Also the pleasure of lazily dragging and dropping a raw VOB file from the camera storage drive directly to YouTube uploader.

Search OnDemand Content

If editing is a bother, there are online video editor freelance platforms with editors who can edit your video for a small fee.

OnDemand media is so overflowing with self affirmation and dopamine inducing content the recent Google TV remote is peculiarly shaped similar to a medicine capsule.

Google TV Remote


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