Classic and Block editing in WordPress Gutenberg


The block editor shipped with Wordpress 5.0 borrows publishing traits from gutenberg press.

Let's take a brief look at the old press to notice a basic concept brought into Wordpress 5.0.1 block editing.

The original wooden frame printing press, where a publisher time consumingly arranges individual letters into a wooden tray.

Meticulously arranging block letters in the old press.

Placing the tray on the press and inking.

Inking the tray with arranged letters.

Placing a paper sheet on a wooden frame and sliding frame under a wooden press.

Attaching paper to the old printing press.

Slide in upside down frame and arranged letter tray into printing press.

Pulling on handle to press inked blocks on to sheet of paper.

Have a colleague pull on the press.

Detach the printed sheet of paper

Having reusable ink-able trays with neatly arranged letters is similar to having reusable html blocks a editor can use multiple times.

Starting with Wordpress 5.0 you can create a reusable block.

Create an html block

Select usable block

Save reusable block

Reusable blocks can easily be used multiple times once created.

Add reusable html block

The classic editor

The most used classic editor is still there among other blocks and easily accessible starting in version 5.0.1.

Simply click on icon to start classic editor.

Classic editor also available along listed blocks in WordPress version 5.0.1

You can also switch between code view and visual view in classic editor.

Switch to plain text edit or edit as html view.

Switch back to visual editing in classic editor.

Everyone benefits

The maintainers of WordPress seem to be aware of publishing and ecosystem around their content management system.

Just as with the old Gutenberg press. Once the original hurdle of putting the press together and the process that goes along with publishing. The other skills that are required are either outsourced by way of various software license purchases, or individuals working together, or variation of software and personal to fulfill those requirements.


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