Choosing a Programming Language To Learn

Software development world is so huge. Each programming language, even tools for the language and frameworks have their own communities. Just wanted to mention a few tips on choosing a Software Development Kit , Framework or a Language. There was a lot of excitement past year about a easier way to develop applications by writing English statements and making user interface look nice by point and click. It's called LiveCode since developer instantly sees the results and is able to manipulate a functioning application on the fly. In beginning of 2013 there was a push to have LiveCode by RunRev be Open Sourced. Here is last years Kick Starter fundraising page: This year RunRev is writing an interpreter plugin to allow anyone to easily make html5 canvas apps. Before jumping on the band wagon as they say, here are a few things to consider before you decide to choose LiveCode or any other framework/programming Language. "Code Base”; Before choosing a programming language. Consider how much of the code is out there for a given language. How many applications have been coded using a given language. How easy it is to search for a solution for a given programming problem you might be facing. Coding issues other developers before you might have already solved. Documentation; How is the online documentation resource for the given language or framework? Is the online documentation easy to navigate, browse, search, and understand? How many books have been already written about the language? How many online articles discuss how to code a similar application you have an interest in making? Interoperability; Can language or framework you are going to use work with other technologies or frameworks? As an example; Due to cloud computing many systems require some type of Rest and other web service API to allow different systems to exchange data. Does the language or tool set you are about to dive into allows you to grow or leave you on an island? After investing so much time and effort in gaining skills now you might be waiting for release of the next plugin interpreter. Growth; Does the language or framework allow you to further grow as a developer? Can you take the good parts you learn from one language and start delving into another language? Does the language it self has room for growth? For instance the language may work with a common web server(Apache, IIS) as a server side language or has an sdk to make applications for other devices, or framework allowing you to develop for other environments. After thinking about the above points I decided to focus on web based language(s). If you also come to similar understanding there is a great open source project that has developed a code editor named brackets. Brackets editor can help you see live changes as you type - . First learn how to write html/css markup to create the pages you can make interactive with Javascript. You would need to use this book to practice and learn how to write html markup and css styled pages. Then start learning Javascript from Domscripting book Using brackets editor and writing markup and code examples from these books is an excellent choice if you are starting out. Both authors have done an excellent job of teaching by example. I recommend anyone starting out to type every markup and code from these books into brackets editor while reading the books.
Z Data Tech Last modified: January 30, 2023